Penis enlargement surgery – Brief overview

In today’s day and Age, it is becoming increasingly more evident that size matters, and people are definitely taking notice. Not all men are endowed with generous proportions; therefore it is not surprising that a growing number of men are trying to improve what they have got. There are many procedures that help these guys achieve what they are searching for, but some clinics are definitely not quite as good as others. Penis enlargement Surgery may seem like a fantastic idea. Lots of women have attained boosts in confidence with breast augmentation, and guys certainly notice. However, surgery might not be the smartest choice for men looking for penis enhancement. Several procedures exist that claim to assist men with improving their size. These surgical procedures include going under the knife, being cut open, injection of chemicals into the penis, or even implantation of foreign objects.

There are three main forms of penis enlargement surgery. The first includes going under the knife and really being cut open. Since about half of the penis remains located within the body, the surgeon snips a suspensor limb that holds the penis in place – similar to the tendon below your tongue that keeps it in place. While this seems like a viable method and possibly desirable, there are lots of post-operative stretching exercises needed to try to eliminate possibility of this tendon recovery shorter than it was before and really shortening the patient’s penis. Some urologists have really expressed the dissatisfaction rate among men who have undergone this process was approximately 70 percent.

Penile girth Enlargement surgery resembles breast augmentation because both deal with implantation of silicone. In this process, silicone and other substances are now injected into the penis and scrotum making their circumferences bigger. The success rate is high. However, the side effects look pretty unacceptable. They may include scarring, deformity, loss of feeling and, most of all, the inability to perform penetrative sexual intercourse. This side effect appears to defeat the very purpose of the operation itself. Moreover, the operation is irreversible. In the third Process, inflatable implants are placed into the penis and a pump is implanted in the groin region. The pump can be manipulated to inflate the implants creating an erection. This is mostly used for men experiencing complete impotence. It cannot be reversed. See here

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