Human Pheromones and Real Attraction

As boys become men, the interest in successfully attracting the right kind of girl becomes quite evident and interesting. Most men always want to look and smell their best in front of women. Even if it takes the mixture of an amplified human pheromone cologne to do the job right. This will allow the successful attraction of a woman to him easily.

About Human Pheromones

Understanding the use of human pheromone cologne allows us a better experience in life and all that it has to offer us. Not only do human pheromone work great for single women, but also for relationships or marriages to better enhance them. I have even realized the closeness that my lady and I share when she wears pheromone perfumes. I am automatically more attracted and excited to be around her. This brings us much closer physically and emotionally.

She definitely loves the attention that I give her when she wears pheromone perfumes to enhance our relationship. She never doubts that it works to her benefit when seeing more attention and affection from me. She definitely feels more desirable, confident and more alluring when she wears this. Learn more at

How Human Pheromone Attraction Works

The attraction is quite simple. Women react differently to men that have an amplified effect of a concentrated pheromone substance which increases their sexual inhibitions and desires altogether. This is why men like wearing human pheromones cologne so much. They have distinctly found out hat the use of human pheromones successfully attracts women quite remarkably.

Although, you must also keep in mind that proper hygiene and appearance also play a major role, side by side with the use of pheromones to attract successfully. You always want to make sure that you also keep your appearance up to speed, for any other competitive males out there seeking the same thing as you are.

Cleo Pheromones

There are two main differences between Cleo for Women and other pheromone products. First of all, while Cleo for Women lasts for up to a maximum of 6 hours, there are numerous other products that last for up to 8 hours! Secondly, Cleo for Women comes in an unscented version. There are other pheromone-based products that usually come in different scents and while you are using them, you are at the same time using a cologne. However, generally, Cleo for Women is a great product to use and you should put it on your shopping list the next time you go shopping.

When using Primal Instincts for Women, but only one drop on your finger and put it anywhere on your body. Using more than one drop will only be wasteful as it will not increase its allure.

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